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2014 Oct 17

Backstory of BingoIf you don’t know what Innuendo Bingo is, well, where have you been?

What sounds like a very low-tech and mildly amusing concept from BBC Radio 1 has become somehow become a mini phenomenon. At first you think ‘budget cuts’ and ‘is the best the British Broadcast Corporation can come up with’ and then you watch it and it’s, well, hilarious. Unless, you’re Will Ferrell.

How does it work? Well, the Scott Mills Show invites on a special celebrity guest and gets them to play a game where they listen to audio clips with certain phrases that can be construed as sexually suggestive. The tagline of the show is itself innuendo-worthy: ‘Time to make another celebrity wet”. The catch is they have to have a mouth full of water while they listen. And if they laugh, yes, it goes either all over them, in a bucket, or over the other person. The other person in the room is Chris Stark, who apart from starring on the show is famous for his unorthodox, viral interview with Mila Kunis.

2014 Oct 16

online casino games and jackpotsCasino games and jackpots are considered to be the most called-for casino games in the online casino world. They are chosen due to their possibility provided to the players to create one’s own game according to his skills. Thus these are not luck dependent games. Before starting to play these games look for the best gaming conditions provided at the table below.

Online casino game is high on the list. Online poker gambling has become very widespread in the beginning of the 21st century. Internet, television and even radio became full of poker news, rules and important information.

Online poker is a new business industry today that arouses the interest of the multimillion audience due to its conditions simplicity and accessibility as the global network allows the players to play one against another all the day and night long without breaks for weekends or holidays if only they want. Now the gamblers can find a game of any level and fight for money for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Usually poker games start with small bets that make it possible to all the newcomers to try their luck in this game. Every poker room has tables dedicated especially to the newbies or professionals.

There are many rules for the bet which takes place while playing poker. The person with the highest card pints wins the games helps you to become an expert, and helps you learn how to play poker with better tricks and moves. In some of the poker games, a creation amount of money is deposited by the player before the betting begins.

best online casino games and jackpots at Paddy Power is also offers a great number of poker tournaments online – just imagine several poker tournaments are held daily. So you are a potential winner now! Online poker tournaments cause great excitement of the players; the bets are growing there by leaps and bounds. What does it mean? It means that you can just stay home and take part in a tournament, winning thousands of dollars. Thus, these factors contributed a lot to the growth and increase of the new generation poker players: young, aggressive and rich.

2014 Oct 10

Mobile CasinoMore people are relying upon their smartphones, in order to enjoy casino games.Keeping in tune with the traditions, one can come across hundreds of such apps, that they can download and install in their smartphones. Rather than installing and trying out the mobile casino apps one by one, it makes sense to leave that duty to the app reviewers.These reviewers would list their findings in an easy to understand format. They will also provide direct links that you can use to download the apps and thus enjoy the casino games. The process of making up your mind, so that you can install the best-rated casino gaming app is thus a simple and straightforward process.

The process of playing for real money can be quite enthralling – especially when there are too many options available during these times. Opening an account at any one or more of the recommended mobile casino website is the first step.After setting up the account, all you have to do is to start playing the available casino games. If you win, the casino would deposit real money into your account. You can withdraw the same amount using any one of the options provided by the mobile casino.

The American players are in a tough spot because of the fact that the law is somewhat vague when it comes to playing mobile casino games for getting real money. Certain acts released by the federal agencies prohibit the many ways with the help of which players could deposit money in these casinos (only then, they will get to play the games and thus stand to win real money).Some of the casinos would not allow you to download the app to your smartphone, especially if you are accessing from a US IP address. They would allow you to try out the web-browser based versions, though.

2014 Oct 10

Nuances of Choosing Online CasinoSometimes, after a thorough selection, the player has to make a final choice between two or three online casinos here that offer similar conditions. Of course, you can make a deposit at each of them but this would be an unreasonable extravagance. Hardly noticeable details play the main role here.

Choose online casino applications for mobile phones

Nowadays, popularity of mobile online casino applications for tablets and smartphones is growing rapidly. Not all online casinos offer a special application for mobile phones, while playing in an Internet browser isn’t convenient.

Variety of Payment Methods

There are certain limitations concerning payment systems. Few people pay attention to the number of payment systems supported by online casino. This is wrong.  Your favorite VISA card may turn out to be useless if your online casino doesn’t support  SMS payments.

2014 Oct 5

Asian BettingAsia is a key location for betting, infact probably the biggest in the world.Whilst illegal a number of places, it is practised in several various forms.

Gambling is common across Asia, from Indonesia to Vietnambut it is China that is the largest competitor in the betting marketplace.700BC is the earliest it is thought that some form of gambling was being played, with cave dwelling people making use of ivory tablets.It is thought that traditional decks of cards originated in tudor times in England, in fact they actually got their start in Asia and that Saracens brought these cards from Asia on their travels.Records exist of gambling games being played in China as long ago as 3,000 years.

Betting was seen as a type of amusement in ancient China. It’s thought that betting on results of games began around the periods of Xia (2000-1500 B.C.) and Shang (1700-1027 B.C.). The royal dynasties at that time.Initiially thought to be a interest played in towns it eventually spread to outlying communities by 221 BC.Addiction is a major issue associated with betting and it is considered that thevery first social issues began to surface at about the time of the royal families in China.

Gambling was becoming popular all over the Chinese nation and further and it is thought that that some individuals were now using gambling as a way to earn money, rather then going out to work for a living.Gambling begun to become a issue for the Imperial houses when authorities started to think about taxing betting and took to doing dodgy deals with corrupt triad gangs to divert funds away from government hands.Modern day casinos started to come up through the late 19th century however with the birth of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 gambling was now illegal.

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