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2015 Oct 3

slotFive slot games from the Movies If you love movies then you will love to play them as a slot game! What is more fun than sitting home and playing free online slots ? Check out these five slot games from the movies or TV.

Baywatch Rescue
Your favorite guys and gals from Baywatch will have you wanting to surf and be rescued playing this slot game. Actually hear the water lapping around you while playing with seagulls in the background. There is a bonus feature and a $25,000 jackpot.
Crime Scene
Who doesn’t love CSI? Now solve the crime and win big with wilds that stick! There are no free spins in this slot game. Instead, the wilds will stick for five rounds of play. Access the bonus feature using suitcases to find clues and money!
Alice In Wonderland
Every generation falls in love with the story of Alice in Wonderland. On this slot game, the Mad Hatter triggers the free spins feature. To receive the bonus, just trigger Tweedledee & Tweedledum. You play Alice to become bigger. As you grow, the key is given to you and then the exit door pops up.
Dr Magoos Adventure
Do you remember the movie Dr. Magoo? Well, get ready for adventure in slot play! This game is a modern 3D slot! Sights and sounds of the jungle are definitely calling! There is no bonus game. Instead, it is sort of built into the free spins. Unearth the tomb that is underground and discover treasure!

2015 Aug 17

New Look BingoNew Look Bingo is one of the most enthralling online bingo sites in the industry. Decently organized, you would most certainly be taken in by this site on the first go itself. Opened its virtual doors to the players in 2013. New Look Bingo runs on the Cozy Games software. The network it uses is the Live Bingo Network.

At New Look Bingo you can grab £5 free simply by registering at the site. That’s not all as you would get up to 500% bonus on your first deposits of only £10. They also have a good amount of second and third deposit bonuses which goes up to 350% and 300% respectively for the future deposits you make. If you are wondering about the jackpot prizes they let’s inform you that New Look Bingo is one of the few sites offering some of the highest jackpot prizes. In fact their progressive jackpots go up to a whopping £5000.

Moving on to their game, apart from their classic 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, they also offer 80-ball bingo games. At New Look Bingo players can look forward to a good range of slot games as well.

In addition to this they players also get to savor on a great selection of instant games which are readily on mobile devices as well. So, now players can BINGO wherever they want. They can hop in and play a huge range slots on their portable devices at New Look Bingo which includes the favorites like Rubies and Sapphires, Queen of Legends, Treasures of Egypt etc. In fact the exclusive collections of high end slots like Avalon 2: The quest of the grail, Golden Factory and so on, provided by the popular casino software giant, Microgaming is also available in all the smart phones. A wide range of casino games including the ever-preferred roulette, blackjack and keno are also available. The best part part is, all these games are compatible with all mobile software like Android, iOS and Windows.

2015 Aug 10

Casino gamesDo large jackpots sound inviting to you? Would you like to make money in your spare time without having to leave your home? If you answered yes to these questions it’s time to make your gaming hobby payoff for you. It’s common knowledge that each online casino comes with its own set of wagering requirements, banking options, withdrawal conditions, gaming choices, collection of games, and conglomerate of promotions and bonuses. Some are better than others; some sound more appealing and can better satisfy the gambling needs of a certain type of casino gamblers, while others are universally ideal for all types of gamblers. Unibet is one such example of a place that can carry gamblers on the highest casino peaks, no matter if we are discussing its bonuses, collection of games, or gambling alternatives altogether.

If you are most interested in discovering the main perks of this casino online, you have come to the right place. First of all, know that, unlike the majority of gambling venues on the web, this facility lets you fully be the master of our own choices. By allowing you to either use the classic casino online gambling option, the live casino feature, or the spectacular Android or iPhone mobile choice, you shall get to decide the way your gambling should occur. If you feel like playing some live roulette games, go ahead and make advantage of the attractive dealers and the excitement of seeing roulette wheels spin right in front of your eyes, while caught on HD cameras and broadcasted back to you on the spot. If you want to play your favourite games of slots or blackjack, go ahead and pick the mobile casino alternative and never miss out on an opportunity to gamble when commuting to and from work in the afternoon.

2015 Jul 30

Bingo LingoWhen we shower our love and affection to the numbers in the most cherished and popular game of bingo, we give them nick names. The slangs and phrases consigned to bingo calls is fashionably called as Bingo Lingo as illustrated on

2015 Apr 16

bingoBingo is something of a British institution. The game has been played for decades having started prior to the first World War before taking something of a dip in popularity around the 1940s and 1950s. It started to become more popular again soon after, however, as the economy began to recover after the war, but by the turn of the millennium it was struggling once again… a slump it hasn’t really recovered from.

The traditional bingo halls which light up the town and city centres have been forced to close down due to such a decline in the number of players with people preferring to save their valuable time and money or finding alternative activities.

The problems were that the game was stereotyped to such an extent that potential players were put off playing. It was viewed as an “old person’s game” which put off the audience the halls needed to survive. It was also a very time-consuming game, often taking up hours each day or evening which people just didn’t have to spare.

As a consequence, bingo as we know it was on the verge of dying. Until the Internet came along that is. Like most things, the Internet caused a resurgence in popularity for the game of bingo with companies looking to find new audiences on the web who could play in their own time, for as long as they like, whenever they wanted to. Time is at a premium for people and they can’t give up whole evenings to play bingo – but they can give up 20 minutes on their lunchbreak for example, or an hour on a rainy evening once the children have gone to bed.

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