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2015 Jul 30

Bingo LingoWhen we shower our love and affection to the numbers in the most cherished and popular game of bingo, we give them nick names. The slangs and phrases consigned to bingo calls is fashionably called as Bingo Lingo as illustrated on

2015 Apr 16

bingoBingo is something of a British institution. The game has been played for decades having started prior to the first World War before taking something of a dip in popularity around the 1940s and 1950s. It started to become more popular again soon after, however, as the economy began to recover after the war, but by the turn of the millennium it was struggling once again… a slump it hasn’t really recovered from.

The traditional bingo halls which light up the town and city centres have been forced to close down due to such a decline in the number of players with people preferring to save their valuable time and money or finding alternative activities.

The problems were that the game was stereotyped to such an extent that potential players were put off playing. It was viewed as an “old person’s game” which put off the audience the halls needed to survive. It was also a very time-consuming game, often taking up hours each day or evening which people just didn’t have to spare.

As a consequence, bingo as we know it was on the verge of dying. Until the Internet came along that is. Like most things, the Internet caused a resurgence in popularity for the game of bingo with companies looking to find new audiences on the web who could play in their own time, for as long as they like, whenever they wanted to. Time is at a premium for people and they can’t give up whole evenings to play bingo – but they can give up 20 minutes on their lunchbreak for example, or an hour on a rainy evening once the children have gone to bed.

2015 Apr 14

LotteryThey say that people gamble and play the lottery for a reason other than the thrill, and they’re right. Let’s be honest, we all have the odd flutter on the football or the Grand National horse race each year, perhaps we play bingo now and again with friends or we play the lottery on a weekly basis; and we do so for one main reason: to win some money.

Whether you’re filling in a slip in a shop,

2015 Mar 19

kid-gamblingWhen you see a kid playing on their phone or Ipad you might guess they are on Facebook or perhaps enjoying a game of Angry Birds or similar.  You might be right, but on the other hand there is every chance they are actually playing a social casino game.

These games look just like the games that are available in casinos, arcades and online slots and bingo sites

2015 Feb 17

image‘Hit the jackpot’ is an idiom that literally means someone has won a great deal of money. Its other use is simply to describe a piece of luck such as finding an ideal home or a really nice restaurant or hotel. In today’s world there are regular jackpot winners with ever popular lotteries creating millionaires on a regular basis. The jackpots in other forms of gambling may not be so large. Nevertheless, for the casual gambler big wins are most welcome. Some people simply have a flutter as a bit of fun. The Grand National was always seen as the housewife’s favourite or the occasional pound in the pub’s slot machine. There is nothing wrong with betting and there is no doubt that the Internet has increased the number of people having a go. It is just so convenient.

National Lottery

In the UK, the National Lottery which is just over 20 years old, increased public participation in gambling. When the Internet became popular the numbers participating and the prizes rose. The development of attractive and informative websites made it simple to have a go each week. At the same time other websites opened that were able to replicate the experience of going to a casino to play roulette or blackjack.

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