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2015 Feb 17

image‘Hit the jackpot’ is an idiom that literally means someone has won a great deal of money. Its other use is simply to describe a piece of luck such as finding an ideal home or a really nice restaurant or hotel. In today’s world there are regular jackpot winners with ever popular lotteries creating millionaires on a regular basis. The jackpots in other forms of gambling may not be so large. Nevertheless, for the casual gambler big wins are most welcome. Some people simply have a flutter as a bit of fun. The Grand National was always seen as the housewife’s favourite or the occasional pound in the pub’s slot machine. There is nothing wrong with betting and there is no doubt that the Internet has increased the number of people having a go. It is just so convenient.

National Lottery

In the UK, the National Lottery which is just over 20 years old, increased public participation in gambling. When the Internet became popular the numbers participating and the prizes rose. The development of attractive and informative websites made it simple to have a go each week. At the same time other websites opened that were able to replicate the experience of going to a casino to play roulette or blackjack.

2015 Jan 22 was a time when betting on horses was frowned on. It was often only possible to do it in secret. The bookmakers, as they became to be known, set the odds for a horse race. It only became legal in betting shops in the UK in 1961. Before that it was still popular, informal and fairly secretive; it was legal on race courses which were well attended as a result. The bookmaker looks to cover every possibility in order to make a profit for each event; it involves their laying off risks elsewhere to cover their exposure to loss unless they are prepared to take the risk of loss themselves. It is a matter of making the market and balancing the odds so that they are unconcerned about which horse wins, though the profit may vary on the outcome. In that respect, bookmakers are quite similar to those working in the insurance industry. However, the punter still looks to beat the bookies.

There are many different forms of gambling and while the National Lottery has increased public participation, horse racing is the sport that has traditionally attracted the most money.

Gambling Act

While this gambling was legalised in betting shops over 60 years ago, it was only in 2005 that the Gambling Act stated that gambling debts were enforceable in law. It was therefore a danger to provide credit. That Act sought to regulate the gambling industry and how the industry could advertise. There are many companies looking to sponsor popular professional sports teams, especially soccer teams, to get their brand names imprinted on people’s minds. The advertising breaks in popular sports that are televised have also become popular slots for corporate advertising budgets.

2014 Dec 18

New Look BingoGameVillage Bingo is a bingo site that we at Far Way Casino highly recommend. We feel it’s one of the few bingo sites with the best payout history in the bingo industry. At GameVillage Bingo after their recent facelift all you need to do is pay as little as a £5 and you can play with £25. This means you get a 400% bonus. The 2nd deposit would give you a 200% and the 3rd deposit a huge 300% bonus.

The other amazing thing about this bingo site is that you can play on the Cozy Game software but the game and the rooms are all unique. This is because before their facelift this bingo site used to operate on their proprietary software and thus even after the shift in software they retained the uniqueness of the site.

At GameVillage Bingo gaining free cash is really easy. For example you can like them on Facebook and you would get £3 free. Also you can send your mobile number by texting them at support@luckyducknetwork.com and you would receive £2 free. Also if its your birthday month just be a depositing player and claim a free fiver.

They also have regular offers like Lucky Duck Bonus, Xmas Time Super Years and Super Games. In each of these you can win surprise gifts, cash-backs, £2000 guaranteed prize respectively.

For Christmas and New Year GameVillage Bingo has special games where you can win a whole lot of prizes. Be a part of their Christmas Giveaways where if you wager in all Bingo Rooms make a minimum 3 Deposits in December and buy a minimum of 5 tickets for “Sea Side Bingo”, “Jingle Bells”, “Boxing Day Game” and “New Year Bash” promotions each you can win surprise gifts from Game Village Bingo. If you love slots then just wager on “Santa in town” slot game and if you win more than £100 in a single bet they will top your bingo account with the same amount as Casino Bonus!

2014 Oct 17

Backstory of BingoIf you don’t know what Innuendo Bingo is, well, where have you been?

What sounds like a very low-tech and mildly amusing concept from BBC Radio 1 has become somehow become a mini phenomenon. At first you think ‘budget cuts’ and ‘is the best the British Broadcast Corporation can come up with’ and then you watch it and it’s, well, hilarious. Unless, you’re Will Ferrell.

How does it work? Well, the Scott Mills Show invites on a special celebrity guest and gets them to play a game where they listen to audio clips with certain phrases that can be construed as sexually suggestive. The tagline of the show is itself innuendo-worthy: ‘Time to make another celebrity wet”. The catch is they have to have a mouth full of water while they listen. And if they laugh, yes, it goes either all over them, in a bucket, or over the other person. The other person in the room is Chris Stark, who apart from starring on the show is famous for his unorthodox, viral interview with Mila Kunis.

2014 Oct 16

online casino games and jackpotsCasino games and jackpots are considered to be the most called-for casino games in the online casino world. They are chosen due to their possibility provided to the players to create one’s own game according to his skills. Thus these are not luck dependent games. Before starting to play these games look for the best gaming conditions provided at the table below.

Online casino game is high on the list. Online poker gambling has become very widespread in the beginning of the 21st century. Internet, television and even radio became full of poker news, rules and important information.

Online poker is a new business industry today that arouses the interest of the multimillion audience due to its conditions simplicity and accessibility as the global network allows the players to play one against another all the day and night long without breaks for weekends or holidays if only they want. Now the gamblers can find a game of any level and fight for money for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Usually poker games start with small bets that make it possible to all the newcomers to try their luck in this game. Every poker room has tables dedicated especially to the newbies or professionals.

There are many rules for the bet which takes place while playing poker. The person with the highest card pints wins the games helps you to become an expert, and helps you learn how to play poker with better tricks and moves. In some of the poker games, a creation amount of money is deposited by the player before the betting begins.

best online casino games and jackpots at Paddy Power is also offers a great number of poker tournaments online – just imagine several poker tournaments are held daily. So you are a potential winner now! Online poker tournaments cause great excitement of the players; the bets are growing there by leaps and bounds. What does it mean? It means that you can just stay home and take part in a tournament, winning thousands of dollars. Thus, these factors contributed a lot to the growth and increase of the new generation poker players: young, aggressive and rich.

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